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Bill Mooney Racing Recap – Top Ten At Seitz Memorial Stolen With 20 Laps To Go

Bill flies down the front stretch at River Cities during the John Seitz Memorial last weekend. Mike Spieker photo.

Heading into the biggest race of the season, Bill Mooney, driver of the No. 2 OMG Candy Millar powered MasterSbilt by JMR, showed he had one of the fastest cars, but a top ten evaporated into thin air in the waning laps of Saturday night’s finale.

Thursday night, an all to common occurrence, a draw of 93 out of 100, slated Bill in the ninth starting spot in his heat race. Bill wasted no time moving forward, moving the 2 car up to sixth at the end of the first lap, fifth on lap two, and fourth on lap three. After a door-to-door brawl with Shane Holden, Bill made it all the way to third at the end of the race...

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Bill Mooney Racing Recap – Lack Of Luck From August Continues Into September

Bill motors down the front stretch at the Viking Speedway last Saturday. Mike Spieker photo.

After a rough end to the month of August, Bill Mooney, driver of the No. 2 Lithia Toyota Millar Powered MasterSbilt, had hoped a turn to a new page on the calendar would bring some better luck, but September has started the way August ended with more bad luck, including a half-lap lead lost instantly in lapped traffic.

Thursday night in Winnipeg, Bill finished sixth in the heat, handing him the eleventh starting spot in the main event. Bill was able to climb his way up to eighth by the end of the race on the tricky glass slick surface.

Friday night at River Cities, Bill started fifth and finished third in his heat race...

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