55 – 22 Wrecking Crew

We’ve added this page as a tribute to Bills’ younger brother Michael. He was a big part of BMR from the first day Bill started racing. Tragically, Michael was lost in a completely unnecessary construction accident on June 20, 2011, and he is sadly missed every day by his family and friends. These pictures are so that we can all visit Michael any time. They show Michael doing the things he loved to do, and with the people he loved.

Michael and his partner in the 55/22 Wrecking Crew, Jamie Beatty, raced all over Manitoba, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Michael even ventured as far away as Michigan, pursuing his dream of becoming a Pro ATV racer. But alas, his young life was cut short while working for a construction company that was more money conscious than they were safety conscious.

We will post new pictures from time to time, so if you want to visit Michael you can do it anytime.

Work safe everyone…!