Bill Mooney Racing Recap – Third Place Run After Starting Last Highlights Prairie Classic

Bill speeds through turn three at the Red River Co-Op Speedway last Saturday. Photo from

After a fourth place finish the previous Saturday, Bill Mooney, driver of the No. 2 Emerson Duty Free Millar Powered MasterSbilt by JMR, looked to close out the season on a high note, and did with a hard charger award, a top five, and two top tens.

Friday at the Red River Co-Op Speedway in Winnipeg, another great draw stuck Bill in the seventh starting spot. On the start Bill and Alberta driver Kary Rogers made contact at the bottom of turn one, with the latter spinning to a stop. Bill was charged with the caution, and the Speedway’s one and done rule sent Bill pit side, relegating him to the 17th starting spot in feature.

If you’re a fan of the Bill and the 2 car, you know by now that starting in the back of the field is not necessarily a bad thing, as Bill is a regular hard charger. As the green flag flew, Bill made short work of Kevin Giesbrecht and Paul Veert in turns one and two.

After that, Bill had a tough time getting past Walt Morris. Bill had the faster car, but when all was said and done, a big tear in the nose of the car on the OMG logo was the result. Bill was finally able to make it by Morris on lap five.

Bill then set his sights on Mike Martin, and started to reel him in. Bill abandoned the top for the low groove in turns one and two, while still running high in three and four. Bill peeked to the inside of Martin on lap seven. As Bill was catching Martin, they both caught up to Rick Fawcett.

The trio went three wide in turn one on lap ten, while exiting the corner in the same order. Shortly thereafter, a caution for Calgary’s Stewart Hayward on lap eleven re-stacked the field for the only time in the race.

On the restart, Bill passed Fawcett, and resumed his battle with Martin for seventh. Bill passed Martin with seven to go, and proceeded to go three wide briefly with Steffen Snare and Shane Edginton. Bill made it past Snare with four to go, while beginning to work on Edginton and Kevin Sexton for spots inside the top five.

Bill went three wide once again, this time splitting in the middle of the pair in turns one and two. Bill passed Sexton with three to go, and passed Mike Balcaen as they took the white flag. One final pass on Edginton with a nearly perfectly executed slide job off of turn two on the final circuit. Bill finished the race in the third spot, 14 positions ahead of where he started.

On Saturday Bill finished third after starting sixth in the heat, as the good draws continued. Bill passed Morris, Hayward, and another last lap move past soon-to-be track champion Edginton for third, a pass made more significant in that the feature that night was lined straight up by heat race finish, making each spot worth one more row forward in the main event.

Bill started fifth in the feature, but a five o’clock start with seven classes running, leaves any racing surface dry and slick. The two car didn’t take to the track well, as Edginton and Martin made it past on the initial start. Bill spent the majority of the race battling Rick Fawcett for seventh. As the final checkered flag flew over the field for the 2016 season, Bill came home in the eighth spot.

2016 Stat Attack:

Bill finished the season with two wins, eleven podiums, 16 top fives, 26 top tens in 33 nights of racing this season. Despite missing over three weeks due to losing the first car in June, Bill also finished ninth in the point standings at the Red River Co-Op Speedway, sixth at River Cities, eleventh with the NLRA, and he currently sits 18th in the Wissota national standings.

Special Thanks

Keeping the 2 car on track and successful in a tall task, and is made way easier with a hard working, dedicated crew. Jamie Beatty, Glenn Duncan, Brian & Londyn Bork, Norm King, Justin Bronk, Dewayne Rector, Kyle McKenzie and Kyle Koss, make up the 2 crew, and Bill is especially thankful for all their hard work and sacrifices so he can take to the track night in and night out.

Bill is also thankful for his family, his parents Pat and Deb, wife Nadine, daughter Paige, and son Owen, for their constant support and his brother Michael who continues to look out for him from above.

Sponsor of the Week – Emerson Duty Free

Mike Resch, originally from Germany where he was a ski enthusiast, regularly crossed the border into Austria, making purchases at duty-free stores. When he moved to Emerson, Manitoba, he wondered why there were no duty-free shops beyond those in airports. After joining a lobbying effort by the tourism industry in the late 1970′s to increase traveler money spent on the Canadian side through duty-free stores, Resch opened the first “land” duty-free shop in Canada in Emerson, on December 15, 1982, and still holds his original licence with the “No. 1″ to prove it.

Bill Mooney Racing would like to thank: Winnipeg Hearing Centres, OMG Candy, McPhillips Toyota, Emerson Duty Free, Lucas Oil, Classic Trailer Sales, Paintball Paradise, Weed Man, Curtis Carpets, Maaco Auto Painting,, Erickson Motors, Belle Fosh Signs, and Future Tint and Stripe, for their support throughout the 2016 season.