Glenn Duncan:

Glenn Duncan

Coach, mentor, and a founding member of the 2 Crew, Glenn’s passion and talent has been the driving force behind Bill Mooney Racing. He just knows how to win.





Jamie Beatty:

Jamie BeattyJamie’s welding skills are second to none, he can weld not only most gauges of steel, but aluminum as well. Jamie also has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the U of M. His imagination, positive outlook, design and creative talents make him a key part of the BMR team.





Justin Bronk

Brian Bork:

Brian BorkBrian was a friend of Bills’ late brother Michael, and has been a family friend for over 15 years. He started helping Bill in 2011, and resides in Park River, ND, in a home just purchased and moved into with his wife Abby, and baby daughter Londyn. Brian is Bills’ crew when on the road in the USA. He has numerous years of pit crew experience on Grand Forks sprint car team, and is also a recipient of the N.O.S.A. ‘Crew Man of the Year’ award.




Kyle Koss:

Kyle KossKyle comes from a hot-rodding background, and is an awesome paint and body man, as well as having a lot of all-around mechanical knowledge.





Mike Mooney